Field Trips

The Eiteljorg Offers Unique Experiences For Students!

At its core, the Eiteljorg Museum seeks to inspire an appreciation of the art, history, and diverse cultures of the Indigenous Peoples of North America and the American West. Book a tour today and open a world of amazing stories conveyed through exquisite artwork—including paintings, sculpture, mixed media, cultural items, and so much more! Tours with an Eiteljorg guide and self-guided experiences are available to meet the needs of your students.
Group of school-aged kids on a tour of the Eiteljorg

What to Expect

Guided tours typically last 45-60 minutes and can be designed for all grade levels. We may recommend larger groups have a 90 minute tour to ensure all students are able to experience our exhibits comfortably. An Eiteljorg guide will escort your group through the museum, focusing on the areas you request. You may also be able to take advantage of a studio experience with a visiting artist in residence. Be sure to ask!

Volunteer giving tour of Eiteljorg Museum


15 people or more
$5 per student and adult chaperone. Admission is free for one tour escort and one driver.

10 people or more
$5 per student and adult chaperone.

Small groups
Standard admission rates apply.

Pre-registered Indianapolis Public School (IPS) groups
Admission is free

Transportation grants and free or reduced admission fees are available to groups who qualify.

Group of students on field trip to the Eiteljorg Museum

More Information

Student tours are updated throughout the year to coincide with special exhibits and new acquisitions. A tour from a month ago might look completely different than a tour tomorrow! When you book your tour, be sure to mention curricular connections you would like to build upon. Ask group tours staff about possible artists in residence, special exhibitions, seasonal events, and programs that might be taking place on the date of your visit.

Eiteljorg Exhibitions

Experience the robust permanent collections and engaging temporary exhibitions at the Eiteljorg Museum.


How much is admission for a field trip?

For groups of 10 or more, admission is $5 per student and adult chaperone. Groups coming from Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) are free. Free or reduced admission fees are available to groups who qualify.

How many chaperones are required?

For the safety of our guests, we require chaperones for all student groups. For grades K-2, one adult chaperone is required for every five students. For grades 3-12, one adult chaperone is required for every ten students.

Is there any help available for transportation costs?

We do offer some transportation assistance. When you schedule your visit, please ask about a transportation grant.

Can I assign my students an activity while visiting?

Yes! In fact, we have many resources to help build a lesson around your visit to the Eiteljorg. Please remember to bring pencils and clipboards; ink pens are not permitted.

How long is a tour?

Most tours will last 45-60 minutes. Large groups may require 90 minutes to ensure all students have the opportunity to see our exhibits comfortably.

Is there somewhere to have lunch?

We cannot guarantee an indoor space for lunch, though one is sometimes available. On temperate days, we recommend eating in our outdoor gardens, learning circle, or hawthorn grove.

Schedule Your Trip

To schedule an in-person or virtual tour today, fill out the tour request form, call 317.275.1350, or email