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Did you know that every building in Jingle Rails: the Great Western Adventure is made entirely of plant materials? These buildings were crafted by an award-winning crew of artists and botanical architects known as Applied Imagination. This activity leads you through the steps to build your own Jingle Rails house using materials you may find in your backyard.

Materials Needed:

Scrap cardboard or a shoe box

Plant materials (leaves, bark, nuts, dried fruit)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Pen & Pencil



Step 1:

Sketch your building or house. Make sure to jot down the dimensions (length, width, height)


Step 2:

Using the dimensions in your sketch, take your ruler and draw each side of your building onto the scrap cardboard or shoe box.


Step 3:

Once all of the sides are cut and ready, Glue your sides together using hot glue.


Step 4:

Don’t forget to add a roof and if there’s enough cardboard, you can even make a base for your building.


Step 5:

Now that your building is ready to go, you can start decorating it with the plant materials. Make sure the materials are dry. (If they’re not, you can place them on a rack to air dry).

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