Still Life Painting

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A still life is a collection of everyday objects arranged together in a specific way. Flowers, fruit or vegetables, fabric, bowls and vases are commonly included in these works, but any inanimate object can be included – even minnows! Check out Still Life with Sheepshead Fish by artist Colette Hosmer. Colette chose to use a table, plastic orange, egg shells and minnows in her still life installation. A still life doesn’t have to be a 2-D painting!

Ordinary objects take on new meaning when selected and posed for a still life. Those objects might hold a special meaning, representing something of personal, spiritual or cultural significance, or they might share a trait like children’s toys or the color blue. This activity encourages you to create a still life using objects in your own home.

Materials Needed:


Inanimate Objects
(fruit, vegetables, flowers, vases, etc.)


Oil Pastels, crayons, markers, etc


Step 1:

Set up your still life! If you’re having difficulty choosing objects, think of a meaning you want to portray in your painting. Are you wanting this painting to be happy? Sad? Have cultural meaning? Represent a memory or a loved one?


Step 2:

Draw, paint, and create your vision of the still life. Be sure to fill the whole paper!

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