Make Your Own No-Sew Train Ornament

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A handmade ornament can be much more than a decorative piece for your Christmas tree, they can also hold memories. Why not make one to capture your visit to Jingle Rails? This is a no-sew ornament that can easily be made with just a few materials!

Materials Needed:

Felt (You can also use scrap material)

Cardboard or Peltex

Ribbons, buttons, lace, etc.

Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks


Step 1:

Use the attached pattern and cut out the various shapes.


Step 2:

Use the cut outs to cut your felt pieces.


Step 3:

You will also need to use cutout “A” to cut your cardboard or peltex. This will act as a base to make your ornament sturdier.


Step 4:

Once you have your base and felt cut out, you are going to start gluing your train together! (Please make sure you have adult supervision when using the glue gun)


Step 5:

Glue felt cutout A to your base.


Step 6:

Glue cutout B to the top.


Step 7:

Glue cutout C to the bottom of your train.


Step 8:

Glue cutout D to the front.


Step 9:

Glue the wheels (E, F, G).


Step 10:

Now add your window.


Step 11:

Then glue the smoke to the back!


Step 12:

Now to the fun part, use buttons, lace, and trim to add more detail to your train.

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