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Landscapes have a way of making a person feel the vastness and beauty of an area. They can depict the depth of a canyon, soaring mountain peaks, incredible river views, city skyscrapers, and the list continues! When you linger long enough, you are transported to another time and place. The Eiteljorg’s collection includes many different landscape artworks, including Thomas Moran’s The Grand Canyon and Ernest Martin Hennings Land of Enchantment. Follow the steps below to create your own landscape out of paper.



Materials Needed:


Paper scraps (any type of paper)

Glue stick

Scissors (if you want to get fancy)


Step 1:

Gather your materials.


Step 2:

Think about the landscape you’d like to create. Will it be a mountain or desert scene, a scene from your city or neighborhood, or something purely from your imagination?


Step 3:

Select paper scraps for your landscape. You can rip or cut the paper into desired shapes. Each will give a unique look to your landscape. Work back to front – start with the background and work toward the foreground.


Step 4:

Start gluing your papers into place, using a stiff piece of paper as your base. Continue tearing and gluing until your landscape is complete.

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