Plant Portrait

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Try using natural materials found in your own backyard or at your local park for this fun project.

Materials Needed:

Piece of paper for your background.

Scissors (to cut your objects into the shapes you want)

Earth objects such as: leafs, nuts, pinecones, twigs, tree bark, flower petals, rocks, etc.


Step 1:

Look at your objects closely to see the various shapes, colors, and textures you can use to create a face outline, eyes, eyelashes, lips, neck, and hair.


Step 2:

Create your face shape. Thin twigs and grass are great objects to use for this step.


Step 3:

Create facial features! Does your portrait have eyes, eyebrows, a nose, eyelashes?


Step 4:

Add some hair! Maybe include a hat, earrings, or a shirt.


Step 5:

When you’re finished, take a picture to remember your portrait. Then, make another!

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