Stick Dice Game

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Versions of dice games are played by Native peoples across North America. Follow the instructions below to make your own dice game.

To Play: Two or more players take turns tossing the stick dice onto the ground and keep score using the 10 counting sticks. The players collect sticks from the pile until it is used up, and then collect from each other. The first player to earn all 10 counting sticks is the winner.

Scoring: Different combinations will score different point values


Materials Needed:

6 craft sticks

10 toothpicks



Step 1:

Decorate one side of each of the 6 craft sticks with the same designs. The craft sticks will be your stick dice. 


Step 2:

Place your toothpicks in a pile. These will be your counting sticks to keep track of the score.


Step 3:

See instructions above for how to play. Have fun!

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